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ethics & sustainability

Organic cotton is known to be better for the environment than non-organic, which requires significantly more water and uses harmful pesticides and other chemicals. At u&me, we use organic cotton for a holistic clothing solution, eliminating the need for toxic substances that will harm the environment.

Worldwide, one of the most common materials for fashion is cotton, due to how breathable and easy to wear it is. However, less than one per cent of cotton is certified organic. With non-organic cotton considered one of the dirtiest crops in the world, our primary mission at u&me is to be sustainable by using only organic cotton.

Organic cotton is better for the environment largely thanks to it requiring less water to produce. Since organic cotton is usually grown in areas with plenty of rain, farmers are much less dependent on other water sources. Organic cotton is also grown in healthy soil, so it soaks up water during periods of heavy rain and flooding, meaning it can last longer without fresh water.

We strive to create an Australian-made product while also using a minimal amount of packaging to reduce waste. Everything from our cotton fabric to our labels, and even our packaging, is sourced locally. This ensures accountability, transparency and purity of product.

All packaging at u&me is recyclable and, of course, proudly made in Australia.